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To subscribe to this blog, use the following steps:

1.  You must have an RSS Reader or RSS Aggregator. 

A.  If you already have an RSS Reader or RSS Aggregator, then you can use that.

B.  If you do not have an RSS Reader or RSS Aggregator, then you can subscribe -- for free -- to a popular RSS Reader called NewsGator Online.  You can sign-up for a free account by clicking here.

2.  Once you created a free account with NewsGator

A.  Click on the "Add Feeds" link in the upper-left.

B.  On the next page, click the "URL & Import" tab.

C.  You now will see a long box or form area that says "Feed URL."  Place your cursor in this box and paste the following blog link into the form box.  Note:  You can copy only one link at a time.

Dr. Mercer's Pre-Employment & Hiring Expert Blog =

Dr. Mercer's Human Resources Management & Leadership Expert Blog =

3.  If you have separate folders, select which folder you would like to place the news feed into, for example, "My Feeds."

4.  Next, click "Add Feed" and our blog's content will display on your NewsGator list of feeds.

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